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About Darwin

Darwin Property Investment Management Limited (Darwin) strives to meet the needs of both institutional and private investors by offering investment solutions that generate long-term absolute returns which enhance capital and provide high levels of income.

When we established our business in 2007, we recognised that the investment market was dominated by fund managers who were aiming to beat artificial benchmarks rather than provide real returns to their clients and that, ultimately, the main beneficiaries of benchmark-driven investments have been the fund managers themselves.

At Darwin we believe that client returns and overall risk mitigation should be at the forefront of any investment strategy and are committed to providing genuine outcome driven solutions to investors.

Our first investment strategy, the Darwin Leisure Property Fund achieves this goal.  It combines a secure yield that is well in excess of inflation with business strategies that create sustainable shareholder value.

Note: Darwin Property Investment Management Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.